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Each carried a small notebook that Karen or Emily might demand to see at any time and might make entries regarding the girl's conduct, or any discipline that may have been imposed.Karen had even devised a point system, which featured public spanking before the rest of any of the three who accumulated a set number of points for naughtiness, as Karen liked to style their misbehavior, as if they were unruly children who needed to be closely supervised.Life had been difficult for Marion, who had grown up wealthy and spoiled but proceeded to marry unwisely and eventually fall so far as to come pleading to her daughter for shelter.The diminutive Karen, now in her mid-20s, extracted a heavy price, however, for taking her destitute mother into her home.Marion whispered to Leslie, "Do you see that woman over there?" as she pointed to a nice-looking woman in her 30s who was seated in a large high chair.When they entered the ladies room, Marion was shocked to see several couches and changing tables, which was quite unusual in that few restaurants offered spacious ladies accommodations.

True, Marion had been directed to wear a very short skirt, one that exposed her frilly panties, but that kind of embarrassment had become de rigeur at the household.Jake's Poolside Group Fuck Jake was introduced in my first story - a corporate man in his mid 30's reliving his first gay sex with two hot hunks.Here, he enjoys group sex poolside after meeting the hunk of his dreams... "Karen," she said in a small voice, "I'm afraid I don't feel well. " Karen grinned and nodded her assent but added that she would take Marion to the ladies.They both stood up and it was obvious that Marion was following her daughter and was starting to feel that she might not be doing a smart thing by asking to go.

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