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This writer has been in a serious relationship founded on a dating site, as well as been on numerous good dates that turned into friendships instead.

So how is technology hampering romantic relationships?

What this does is make people more cautious, less open for real love, and not willing to put in the effort that it takes to create a lasting relationship. Usually, these online romances end with no explanation, leaving the person on the losing side of the interaction to feel the only thing worse than hearing that it isn't working out: silence.

In general, we are an impatient society, and that lack of patience can cause volatile and even inhumane actions.Every one who uses technology to interact with other people and form relationships has an obligation to regard these relationships in the same light as if they started face to face.We cannot have it both ways because if technology is important to us, then tainting it by losing grip of what makes humans so beautiful is takes away all of the good that technology brings us.Along with popular dating sites, there are apps like Tinder, which allows users to swipe to right if they like the person they are looking at or swipe left if they do not.Essentially, it is a glorified "hot or not" and uses superficial qualities to completely judge whether or not you want to talk to someone, based on looks alone.

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