Should dating couples do devotions together

It will enhance marriage, it will make us better parents, we will accomplish more in life, because we are closer to him and walking with him, so, that’s what motivates me. The reality is that often, one of them is more motivated to do spiritual things than the other.

One of them may be having a personal devotional time every day, they may be going to a Bible study once a week with other ladies or sometimes other men, but the other spouse is not nearly as engaged.

I don’t know what word to use, but it’s a deep desire to help people not simply become Christians, though obviously that’s the first step, but to help them move toward becoming like Christ.

I think it could be a tremendous year of growth in their lives, and it would also be a tool that they could share with other couples who are expressing a desire to have a better marriage. The scripture is to be applied, it’s to be lived, not just simply read.

That alone is going to help us, because we’re thinking about something now, that we weren’t thinking about before we read it.

And I think the thing of praying together also, has a powerful way of helping us, not only come close to each other, but we’re coming to God with regard to our marriage and life, and it’s going to affect the way we treat each other. My vision would be that literally thousands of couples would find this as a journey they would take with each other and with God for a year, because it’s a year-long devotional Bible.

So, my deep desire through these years—I’ve been involved in marriage counseling now for forty years—has been to meet people where they are, and try to help them become more like Christ, because to me, that’s the key of marriage.

If we can develop the character and work with God, then let him develop the character of Christ in us, we’re going to become the best possible husband, the best possible wife.

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