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Germany's best economics degrees come from the University of Mannheim, according to QS.The university's economics department alumni list reads like a who's who of German economic talent.The university ranking is based on the institution's reputation with academics and employers, and the number of research citations the school gets per paper published in a specific discipline — in this case, economics and econometrics. Many of the best universities for the study of economics are in the USA, but Business Insider decided to pull out the best performing institutions in Europe.You can check them out below (overall rankings are in brackets).ETH has jumped four places in terms of European schools this year.Sweden's Stockholm School of Economics produced an influential group known as the Stockholm School in the 1930s, centred around professors Gunnar Myrdal and Bertil Ohlin.

Despite relatively low scores for academic and employer reputations, according to QS, Zurich gets a bump from a citations per person score of 88.UC3M scored well across the board, but did particularly well in the citations per paper category, scoring 82.1.Famous alumni include Pablo Iglesias Turrion, the founder of left-wing political party, Podemos.The school ranked 9th in Europe in 2015, and keeps that place this year.A postgraduate-only institution, unlike most of the other schools listed, LBS concentrates on business and management degrees, where it's ranked as the second best in the world, losing out to Harvard University.

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