Intimidating song titles

Kanye West, “Stronger” Borrowing Daft Punks instructions to work it harder and make it better works perfectly when taking in some impressive athletic feats. Ludacris, Rick Ross, T-Pain, Snoop Dogg, “All I Do Is Win” A bit presumptuous, but no one wants to be caught without a celebration song when they need it most.

THE TEAM-SPECIFIC ANTHEMS Wiz Khalifa, “Black and Yellow” (Pittsburgh Steelers) As if Da Burgh needed more ways to brag about its football team (six Super Bowl championships and counting…) Wiz gave the musically bereft city something to cheer about. Alicia Keys, “Empire State of Mind” (New York Yankees) featured one of the most commercially viable diddies ever to be classified as hip-hop.

No words make it easier for every family member/friend/coworker/client to dance along to, thus increasing your chances of momentary arena fame.

Already, we’re exhausted from scary movie overdoses, bowls of bite-size treats, and telling unfortunate souls that their Donald Trump costume is still a major cliché.

While the rest of us will never be able to top those moves, we might as well try.

Darude, “Sandstorm” We all want to get our faces on the Jumbotron.

Jay’s ode to the city that made him might as well be featured on the NYC tourism bureau, minus a few lyrical mentions of dope and stash houses. Keys, it’s a track that’s so empowering and heart-warming, you’ll actually start to believe Times Square is the most beautiful place on Earth.

His team of choice adopted the song in 2009, and ran with it all the way to their 27th World Series title.

One emotion that has been prevalent in hip-hop over the last 35 years has been anger.Assembled before you is a nightmarish list of hip-hop songs that could make Michael Myers choke on candy corn and even give Freddy Krueger nightmares.Not for the faint of heart, give this compilation a listen at your own behest and transport yourself to the troubled mind of Christopher Wallace or feel the full-frontal assault of Death Grips’ otherworldly instrumentals. That “Monster Mash” song at the grocery store isn’t helping either, especially the cycle of spooky sounds — y’know, the guttural screams, manic laughter, or howling wolves.That’s why we decided to shake things up and really try and scare ourselves by turning to one thing we know: music.

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