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Knowledge = Safety Purchase the POM Offender Locator and see if Registered Sex Offenders are living near you, your friends, or any address that you want to check.

We compile data from all 50 state's "Registered Offender Databases" so that you have a single source for finding Offenders living anywhere in the United States, no matter where you are, right in the palm of your hand!

· Enter your home address or any address to find registered offenders living in that area. Or perhaps you yourself are on this list, or maybe you should be and just haven't been caught..I found a few sex offenders on here with the wrong picture. I hate giving poor reviews but this is WAY too important and there is NO MARGIN FOR ERROR!!!!

Top 5 Free App in US, #1 in Utilities Category (Aug.Once you choose one of the four ways to view registered offenders, the application will compile a list of offenders based on that selection allowing you to view details for each offender including photo and offense. And some have committed such horrific acts of sexual violence that they deserve the death penalty. You can then find out how close they live to you or your loved ones using the mapping capabilities of the i Phone. ___________________________________________OTHER "PEACE OF MIND" PRODUCTS: Please visit I came here for fun, but I know many of you are here to find accurate information that you can use to protect yourself and your families. Also, to the ppl complaining about the sex offender system, almost all sex offenders are repeat offenders. All you can do is make sure they can't hurt more ppl. Also, please visit our partner website details on legislation and sign-up for their FREE newsletter.___________________________________________ Within the first 5 minutes of using this app, I found that: It shows a pic of a young Asian male, but his stats say he is an elderly white male; it shows a pic of a middle aged black male, his stats say he's a young white male; it shows a pic of a young female, but says she's a middle aged male named Christopher.... Nothing is more damaging to your confidence and self-esteem than being in an emotionally abusive relationship.

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Our data is updated DAILY with each state offender registry so you always have the most accurate information available.___________________________________________FEATURES:· Utilize the GPS function on your i Phone to find registered offenders living near your current location.

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