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Used in conjunction with period to specify the number of times the file should be rescanned.

If this argument is provided the file will be rescanned the given amount of times in coherence with the chosen periodicity, if not, the file will be rescanned indefinitely.

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The file rescan api allows you to schedule periodic scans of a file, this API call tells Virus Total to stop rescanning a file that you have previously enqueued for recurrent scanning. Retrieves a concluded file scan report for a given file.

Unlike the public API, this call allows you to also access all the information we have on a particular file (Virus Total metadata, signature information, structural information, etc.) by using the If specified and set to one, the call will return additional info, other than the antivirus results, on the file being queried.

This additional info includes the output of several tools acting on the file (PDFi D, Exif Tool, sigcheck, Tr ID, etc.), metadata regarding Virus Total submissions (number of unique sources that have sent the file in the past, first seen date, last seen date, etc.), the output of in-house technologies such as a behavioural sandbox, etc.

File size limit is 32MB, in order to submmit files up to 200MB in size you must request a special upload URL.Users pay a monthly fixed cost with independence of the number of requests so long as they stay within their chosen step, if they try to go over their licensed allowance the API will cap them. Note that certain API calls are only available if they have been specifically licensed, these calls are emphasized with a lock icon next to them.Allows you to send a file for scanning with Virus Total.Having said this, the users are not allowed to sell the API results to third parties as returned by Virus Total without any type of processing. This key is all you need to use Virus Total's private API.We also recommend you to install the Python Requests Library which you can find at

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