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There is no escape and they live in fear of revenge attacks.

However, not all new arrivals at the camp feel the same way, as one of those being held explains: 'When we came here, one of the women with us blew herself up. Please get me out of here.'The Iraqi authorities are holding 1,400 foreign wives and children of suspected Islamic State fighters after government forces expelled the jihadist group from one of its last remaining strongholds in Iraq, security and aid officials said. Many others were from former Soviet states, such as Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Russia, according to Iraqi army and intelligence officers.

In all, 130,000 passed through its gates, of whom 50,000 were slaughtered, though so few SS documents on the camp survive no one will ever know precise numbers.

In its final days, every prisoner’s file was burned, along with the bodies, and the ashes thrown in a lake.

The foundation of an effective system includes effective training of staff members and volunteers, such that staff members have ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’ provides staff members and volunteers with crucial information regarding abuser characteristics and the grooming process; the process by which a predator selects and prepares a child for sexual abuse. At the same time, effective training communicates to a would-be abuser that protective barriers have been raised, giving him (or her) an opportunity to ‘opt out’ of the program.

What elements should an effective safety system include? Sexual Abuse Awareness Training is the foundation of an effective safety system.

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