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The Revolution of 1688 may or may not have been "glorious"; to most it has come to mean the beginning of an era of settled government, of commercial prosperity, of religious freedom, of parliamentary rule and popular liberty; to others it has come to mean the end of the old glories of Kingship, the loss of the legitimate royal family, the intrusion of the ideals of the merchant and the wealthy middle class, the tyranny of democracy and the drab uniformity of a Calvinized Protestantism, tinging deeply not only the Church but the nation at large; all agree in calling the eighteenth century "the age of prose," all agree that 1688 marked a change, both wide and deep, in the history of England, and that this could not have been accomplished, as it was accomplished, with well-organized smoothness, without bloodshed (in England at least), without even dislocation of ancient laws, customs or traditions, if such a man as William of Orange, a statesman the equal of Richelieu, possessed of a rare combination of daring in design and prudence in execution, had not been at hand; this revolution and this man definitely pitted England against France, set her in a place of importance and power she had not occupied since the rule of Cromwell, helped her to break for ever the pretensions of the Bourbons (Treaty of Utrecht, 1714) and, in a sense, assume these pretensions herself; this may have been either for better or worse.

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), is a federal republic located mostly in the southern half of South America.

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Drizzle it on cheeses, breads or your favorite dishes at Preston’s Market!

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His current net worth is estimated at .7 billion […]Work on the expansion of Hwange Power Station is set to commence this quarter after the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) secured 0 million to start the program, an official said.

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ME: A black-and-white striped turtleneck, a gray pleated skirt, white platforms, and this clear plastic pink purse. And it’s not so much about worrying he’d find my brows uneven, because aren’t straight men just psyched to be around a female form? ME: So he asked if I wanted to go back to his apartment, and I said yes. ME: Yeah, I’ll have the French Rose juice and an Americano? TAYLOR: I’ll have…an Americano, and…the French Rose juice? And his face is getting closer, and I turn to him, and we start kissing.